Toyota Genuine Factory Fit Backup Camera

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All of our systems come complete with everything you'll need for your installation; including all harnessing, a complete set of instructions, installation videos (if available), and up to 15 minutes of technical support!

2012-2014 Toyota Factory Fit Backup Camera for various models:



Looking to add a factory back-up camera that is designed and integrated to display off of your existing color touchscreen in your 2012-2013 Toyota vehicle, but having trouble finding one with everything you’ll need to make it work?  The good news is we can provide you the factory equipment you need

This Toyota factory fit back-up camera fully integrates with the factory touch screen, mounts on lip area around the license plate, plugs right into your navigation system, comes with parking assist lines,  comes with a complete set of instructions, and looks great installed!


 - Professional installation required


 * 2012-2014 Toyota Yaris

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Corolla

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Sienna

 * 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Venza

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Highlander

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Sequoia

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Prius

 * 2012-2014 Toyota Prius V

Please call Auto Spa Mobile Technologies at 866-674-1705 or email Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm MST for all questions

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Customer Reviews

Perfect fit! Review by Paul
I installed this in 4 hours taking my time and trouble shooting a few little problems. The finished look and feel is perfect. I put this in a brand new 2013 Toyota Corolla s w/ the 6.1 color touch screen stereo.
Removing the stereo was the easiest part, YouTube has a few good videos and it can be for an older Corolla the dash is very similar. There is only one port on the back of the stereo that the backup camera wire harness will fit in, it had a wire harness with only one brown wire coming from it. I assume that is the reverse signal wire. Just plug the new wire harness in to the stereo and the original plug into the back of that.
Now the power, I removed the panels around the gear shifter and removed the accessory port, I was left with two wires connected to the small plug from the back of the accessory port. I spliced into the gray wire for power and the striped wire for ground. Instead of cutting the wire I just stripped some of the plastic away wrapped the camera power around it and then taped it all up. At this point I tested the camera and it worked perfectly!
I then ran the wire under the dash over the driver’s feet. I used small zip ties to attach the wire to the original wire cluster. It is easy to see where the wires go so just pull up the panels around the side floor of the car and tuck the wire under. When I reach the back seat I pulled the bottom seat up, it’s only held in place with a heavy clip. I also folded down the rear seat to see what was going on better. I just pulled the carpet lining away from the side of the trunk enough to see the original wires running to the trunk lid, I followed it up the trunk lid arm zip tying the whole way.
This part of the installation was the most challenging, because I couldn’t find any help online. To mount the camera I needed to remove a chrome painted trim piece from above the license plate. I opened the trunk and removed the carpeting enough to see the area, it was held in place with a few plastic plugs. Once inside I found the 6 ten mm bolts (including the two that hold the truck lock in place) and removed them. There was also a white plastic plug that I squeezed to remove. The problem came when I realized that there were two more nasty plugs at each of the ends of the chrome piece. I could not get my hand or a tool to help remove the plugs from inside the trunk lid and they were the kind that did not look like pulling on would work very well. So after a little bit of looking online and at the plugs, I pulled. I ended up destroying the plugs and I cracked the inside of the trim piece where those plugs had been holding on! I ended up using electrical tape to cover the holes left by the nasty plugs, I am not against buying new plugs but what if I ever need to get in there again, also the six bolts hold the trim piece in very well.
I decided to mount the camera from the same location used by new Camrys and Priuses just left of the left license plate light. I was looking at putting right in the middle of the car however that is used as a trunk handle and it is at an angle that would have the camera pointing at the ground! Using the included drill bit and wood under the trim piece I drilled the whole. After some sanding to clean it up and make the hole big enough for the camera fit I installed it. I was very happy with the little clips on the camera it was held it in place very tight and I’m not worried about it twisting or moving out of place. I used the hole in the bumper that was occupied by the white plug I had removed before to run the wire back inside the trunk where I connected the camera and zip tied the extra wires so they would not move. After a little fine tuning of the cameras angle (to make up for it being a little to the left) I was done! Before I ordered this part I called Auto Spa Tech and was very happy with the customer service I received!

(Posted on 1/9/2013)

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