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Time to focus on Ford Focus 2012

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The MyFord Touch system in Ford Escape is identical to the one preinstalled on the Ford Focus 2012 Hatchback, they both come with the same functions programmed by default. Good news for all the people who tend to face extreme cold weather throughout the year, this gadget here provides you with an amazing feature of temperature control. But that’s not all; the fact that you can use its touch screen with gloves without losing your temper at some button not responding, caught a hold on all my attention from that moment. I mean, who wants to take off their gloves just to get something done on their navigating system when the temperature outside is below freezing.

This infotainment system on Focus 2012 is all subordinate to an 8” inch color LCD screen. The screen has four parts separated to perform different tasks which are navigation, climate, phone and entertainment. The main screen will give you access to the common functions and the other functions are accessible by clicking on the tab for any specific category for its entire menu.

Generally speaking, the Ford Focus 2012 takes the lead when it comes down to providing the consumer with a memorably peppy in-car infotainment system experience. Putting all the basics aside, Ford comes with a single CD player and AM/FM radio. But considering an upgrade to another level, we’re talking about a Titanium model that comes with Sony 10-Speaker Surround sound with Sub-woofers, which takes entertainment like HD Radio and SiriusXM and turns it into a whole new experience one cannot forget.

They have placed two USB ports for the connection of any smartphone or mp3 player, allowing you to be able charge your device simultaneously. A new feature recently added to SYNC is the accessibility of music on a flash drive or any portable hard drive. Bluetooth A2DP support allows you to seamlessly stream music directly from your device without getting yourself entangled in all the wires from here to there and so on. And the fact that they added shortcut buttons on the steering wheel is quite a plus point for you to be at ease while channeling through your library in search for the perfect track.

The bottom line would be, Ford Focus 2012 has some engaging features to lure its consumers and give them idea of it being better than the rest of the car of its class. 

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