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MyFord Touch Navigation is one of the best in its kind!

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Just like any other Navigation system, the MyFord Touch system wasn’t an all-so-perfect success at the time it came around in the beginning. All systems have their pros and cons because nobody’s perfect, as even the inventors of a specific masterpiece are human at the end of the day. But now that technology has advanced itself in as many ways possible to put man-kind at the highest level of luxury, MyFord Touch has upgraded almost to perfection by targeting their consumers comfort before anything else. The latest update ensures a satisfying experience with the power of voice commands, better smart phone integration, more entertainment options, internet connectivity, navigation with traffic alerts, and many other features that could lead you on.

As we move towards the navigation system of the MyFord Touch, any consumer to opt it will surely fall in love with the user-friendly response. The massive attention seeking feature being the voice command, which allows you to enjoy the convenient voice-guided turn-by-turn directions with the help of the level of traffic alerts en route. The access to any location like a street address, home selection, mark your favorites, scan through previous destinations, or look for places on the map.

Voice recognition in the MyFord Touch has been approved by many critics, as it supports over 10,000 words! Its accuracy is pretty remarkable as it astounds the consumer by its spontaneous results in seconds. The reason behind the voice-activated came to existence is to ensure the driver keeps his focus on the road.

The smart phone integration on a MyFord Touch system is the main feature that has a long way to go. Pairing your device with the system provides you with easy streaming of your favorite tracks, without the hassle of tangling up in wires. It keeps the drivers attention glued to the road and prevents the usage of headset for those who dislike that. Pairing with your Android, Blackberry, iOS, and windows phones via Bluetooth is possible from a pin that appears on-screen.

Due the synchronization with your devices SYNC automatically downloads your phonebook and imports all the contacts into it, which makes calling easier than ever! Just calling out a contacts name or even browsing through the list allows calls to be made easily wherever you are.

Shortcuts on the steering wheel allow easy access to the driver, for instance if someone calls you, you can easily answer their call by the simple press of the button. Other features include the luxurious, the active car assistance which provides the driver with assistance in parking your car automatically, leaving the driver to only control the brakes and leaving the car to do the rest. This feature used to be reserved for the luxurious high-class to keep a standard difference between the moderate class and the high-class car. But now, even Ford Focus 2012 comes with this system.

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