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Looking to add a remote start to your dodge,Chrysler or Jeep ?

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Looking to add a remote start to your Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler? This plug and play interface works right with the vehicle’s computer and your factory keyless remote. Simply press lock three times and your vehicles starts! A very inexpensive way to add this great feature to your vehicle and takes no more than an hour to install. Comes complete with detailed instructions.

Use our experience and expertise to help you program the module, outline the wiring scheme, provide you with the proper wiring harnesses, and walk you through the installation while AVOIDING the headaches of trying to figure this out on your own!


- Professional installation recommended

- Only works within the range of the factory key FOB

Looking to add a remote start for your Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler but looking for an extended range beyond your factory keyless remote? This upgrade over the basic remote start system can extend your remote start range of up to a mile in the right conditions. This kit also comes with a two way LCD confirmation transmitter and also provides door lock/unlock, trunk release (most vehicles), and parking meter countdown for added convenience.

Once again, an easy installation and a great way to add this convenient feature to your vehicle that is cost effective.

Looking for unlimited range anywhere you have cellular service when adding a remote start system to start your vehicle? This feature allows you to remote start your vehicle right from your iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry!

Why mess the limited range other systems provide, when you could conceivably start your vehicle from the airport, or whatever other situation you can think of? Smartphone technology is the wave of the future, and why not integrate that into your remote start upgrade?


- Professional installation required

- Range only works where you have cellular service

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