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GPS Navigation Systems to be The Upgrade of the Century in Automotive industry

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The most frequently asked question by any customer would be, “What is a GPS system and why should I buy it”? Well, allow me to elaborate. An inexpensive upgrade to your vehicle will be by the addition of an inDash navigation system. If your vehicle didn’t come with one preinstalled, then even that isn’t a problem as aftermarket products are available easily online or at any store with car infotainment systems.

They use the latest technology which includes the best mapping software to get you going from your current location to your desired destination without any errors. Depending on the kind of system you target for, most come with other features to keep you hooked in deep, like Bluetooth, iPod integration, DVD, mp3 player, in-call facilities etc.

There would be mainly two kinds of navigation systems which are; the Portable GPS and the in-dash GPS. The portable GPS is the most common type which is usually suctioned on your windshield to guide you through your journey. Some of this kind allow themselves to retain power in themselves for if t=you detach them they work even outside of the car as well.

A little later version of a GPS system would be the in-dash monitor which is usually a touchscreen allowing things to be at your fingertips at all times. It is usually installed in the centre tack of your vehicle, replacing all your built-in radio and CD player all into one with the accessibility of more audio system options including a satellite radio etc.

While you’re out in search of the system that could become a perfect match for your vehicle, you need to keep in mind your point of interest; being whether the system seems to include the kind of features you would actually use or is the purchase of extra infotainment a waste of your money. A hard drive would be something you need to know if the system you opted has it on board, for the maps are simply updated as easily as downloading from your PC and loading them onto its hard drive with the help of SD card’s. 

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