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2013 GMC Terrain – Have a fun filled ride surrounded by safety!

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The 2013 GMC terrain has a magnificent built and a tough outlook. The distinctive design makes a bold statement whereas the tough exterior commands superiority. The raw strength of the terrain provides for a complete sense of protection to the passengers sitting inside.

The technology equipped within the car is outstanding. All of which has been designed just to keep you safe and secure by sending alerts of the minutest details possible. The standard Color Touch Radio with IntelliLink does not only entertain you while en route but also serves as a display screen. The view from the Rear-Vision Camera System and warnings from the Rear Cross Traffic Alert System is proficiently shown on the display screen helping you reverse without bumping into the pavement or another car. The appealing list of tech-savvy equipments does not really end here, but it also has amazing stability and traction controls. These provide for an incredible and easy performance by delivering a professional grade handling plus drive dynamics. You don’t have to be an experienced and ideal driver, let the controls do the job for you!

If you have a family or large social circle who you love and care about a lot, this would be the car for you. The space is just perfect, the comfort is luxurious whereas the safety is as pronounced as it could get. The best thing about the car is that it has alerts for almost everything. Not only does the rear view camera system alert you regarding the latter end of the Terrain, but there exists a Forward Collision Alert system as well. It works on the principle of digital imaging technology. This intelligent software warns you with an audible as well as visual alert if a collision may be imminent. Plus for a sideways protection, a ‘lane departure warning system’ is available which senses as soon as you drift out of your lane. It too, gives off similar audible and visual alerts. This facility guarantees cent percent protection from all sides!

PS: I just love the way it alerts you beforehand instead of just inflating numerous air bags after a collision has occurred. 

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